Welcome to Erich-Gutenberg-Berufskolleg

Erich-Gutenberg-Berufskolleg is a vocational college that concentrates on business and commerce.

Approximately 2200 students are attending our college. The staff of Erich-Gutenberg-Berufskolleg consists of 100 teachers, three secretaries and a janitor. The Erich-Gutenberg-Berufskolleg offers various courses that are described as follows:

  • Berufsschule (part time, day release and block release vocational courses in the dual system)
  • Berufsfachschule (full time vocational course – basic course)
  • Hoehere Berufsfachschule (full time vocational course – advanced course)
  • Fachoberschule (full time / one year and evening classes / two years’ courses to gain a restricted university entrance certificate (entry to university of applied sciences)
  • Fachschule fuer Wirtschaft (part time advanced course on tertiary level)

Berufsschule (part time vocational course)

Part-time vocational training is offered for school-leavers who have a position as an apprentice. This course is an obligatory part of their job training in the dual system in which the apprenticeship is organized in Germany. This means: trainees work in an enterprise, on the one hand, and they attend a part-time vocational course at least once a week (day release), or a compact course of about 3 months (block release), on the other hand.
After two to three years‘ apprenticeship students / apprentices take an exam at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (Industrie- und Handelskammer).

At Erich-Gutenberg-Berufskolleg part time vocational school is offered for the following jobs:



Day Release

Block Release

Kfm./Kffr. fuer Bueromanagement

Office clerk



Kfm./Kffr. im E-Commerce

E-Commerce clerk




Clerk at tax consultants




Informatics clerk




IT-systems clerk




Berufsfachschule (full time vocational course – basic course)

School-leavers who are not yet 18 and who do not start an apprenticeship are obliged to attend a vocational college until they are of age. Teaching at Berufsfachschule consists of both vocational training (about 60%) and general education (about 40%).

Hoehere Berufsfachschule (full time vocational school – advanced course)

At Erich-Gutenberg-Berufskolleg Hoehere Berufsfachschule is offered in two forms:

Zweijaehrige Hoehere Berufsfachschule
Zweijaehrige Hoehere Berufsfachschule is a two years’ course that prepares students – in combination with a period of six months’ job placement at a company – to enter a University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule). The course also helps students improve their chances of starting an apprenticeship.

Dreijaehrige Hoehere Berufsfachschule
After three years of Dreijaehrige Hoehere Berufsfachschule students will get the University Entrance Qualification (Abitur) if they pass their examination (written exams in three subjects plus at least one oral exam in another subject).


Fachoberschule prepares students for the Entrance Qualification for Universities of Applied Sciences. At Erich-Gutenberg-Berufskolleg Fachoberschule is offered both in the morning (full time / one year) and in the evening (part time – two years).

Fachschule fuer Wirtschaft (part time advanced course on tertiary level)

Fachschule fuer Wirtschaft, lessons for which take place three evenings per week, leads to the qualification Staatlich gepruefte/-r Betriebswirt/-in (Schwerpunkt Steuern or Finanzwirtschaft). Students can attend Fachschule fuer Wirtschaft if they have the entrance qualification for the University of Applied Sciences, having successfully completed an apprenticeship in a commercial job and if they can prove a one-year work experience.

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